Karen Bordador PASOK sa PBB pagkatapos nakalaya sa kulungan!


Nakalaya na si Karen Bordador matapos ang limang taon sa kulungan ng Pasig City matapos pagbintangan kasama ang kanyang ex boyfriend.

Sa vlog ni Karen sa kanyang youtube channel ibinahagi niya ang nangyari na nagpabago sa kanyang buhay.

“5 Years ago it said in my diary, start VLOG videos! However, I wasn’t able to fulfill my dream.”

I was gone for a while but then it made it all more interesting.”

“In the morning I have a 2:00 – 6:00 a.m. radio show and in the afternoon, I have an event where I was an influencer for and I had a bunch of food so I thought and maybe I visit my ex (boyfriend) din for surprise, so I did that and 30 seconds later upon arrival, just 30 seconds!  My life completely changed,”

“If I wouldn’t have gone else where that day or I was a little later few seconds later that would not happen to me at all,”

“Five birthdays inside, 5 New years, Christmases without my family, it was a very different experience from the life I normally a custom to. I’m pretty sure.

“Although the incident did not happen at all, I accepted that everything that happens to a person must happen. That even if it’s one percent, it can happen to you.”

“It happened to me, so if I’m gonna be somewhere, I’m gonna make sure to make a difference where I am at, and I’m also gonna try to do something very meaningful and purposeful so I made each day out.”

“So I felt so so blessed like, sabi ko, this year, 2021, will be my year. So, I walked outside sobrang happy,”


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